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Week 2019.07.08

This Week’s Conditioning

Option 1
10 rounds of:
Push sled 100 ft
Pull sled 100 ft (hand over hand)

Compare to 2019.05.27.

Option 2
4 x 3 minutes

Rest 3 minutes between each round. Score = lowest distance.

Compare to 2019.05.13.

Option 3
5-10 rounds of:
30 sec ME tire flips
30 sec rest

Compare to 2019.04.29.

Option 4
5 rounds:
4 tire flips
8 sledgehammer strikes
6 pull-ups
10 push-ups

Pull-ups and push-ups can be modified – talk to the coaches for options.

Compare to 2019.04.08.

Week 2019.04.08

Reminder: We will be closed this Saturday, 04/13/19, due to the 2019 USSF Omaha Strengthlifting Challenge.

Post-meet Party at Ebe's House! After the meet, please join us at Ebe's house for both great company and great food. Want to know where Ebe lives? Come to the meet! Please sign up here to bring either a side or a dessert.

Compare to 2019.02.25.

Compare to 2019.02.11.

Compare to 2019.01.28.