Week 2017.04.10

Upcoming events:

  • 2017 Testify Barbell MAYhem Weightlifting Meet
    • Date: Saturday, 05/06/17
    • Location: Concordia High School (click here for map) - practice gym
    • Registration: Click here (registration is online only).
    • Registration Deadline: Registration ends on 04/29/17, and those who register by April 22 will receive a Barbell MAYhem t-shirt, so register soon to get that shirt!

This Week’s ConditioningOption 1Partner WOD3 x 2 minutes of:10/25/50 Double-unders20 Goblet Squats, 40#/25#ME BurpeesIn two minutes, Partner A will do 10, 25, or 50 double-unders (choose your own adventure), followed by 20 goblet squats, followed by as many burpees as possible in the remainder of the two minutes (ME = max effort). At the end of the two minutes, Partner B will do the same, i.e., double-unders followed by goblet squats followed by ME burpees. Each partner will perform 3 iterations of this (for a total workout time of 12 minutes). If doing this without a partner, simply rest 2 minutes between rounds.Compare to 2016.04.09.Option 2For time:15-10-5 Burpees30-20-10 Overhead Reverse Alternating Lunges, 45#/25#45-30-15 Sit-upsYou will do 15 burpees, 30 lunges, 45 sit-ups, then 10 burpees, 20 lunges, 30 sit-ups, then 5 burpees, 10 lunges, 15 sit-ups.12 min capCompare to 2016.04.11.Option 3“Prowler Base+1”1. Load up a manageable weight.2. Sprint 40m at 85% intensity.3. Rest 30 sec.4. Repeat 5-15 times.Courtesy of “Death by Prowler” by Matt Reynolds and Stef Bradford (on Starting Strength).FinaleL-sit, 5 x 30 sec