Week 2017.07.31

Upcoming events:

  • 2017 Testify Barbell Bash Weightlifting Meet
    • Date: The 2nd annual Testify Barbell Bash will take place on Saturday, 09/23/17!
    • Location: Concordia High School (click here for map) - practice gym
    • Registration: Click here (registration is online only).
    • Registration Deadline: Registration ends on 09/16/17, and those who register by September 9 will receive a Barbell Bash shirt, so register soon to get that shirt!
  • 2017 USSF Fall Classic
    • Date: Saturday, 10/28/17
    • Location: Concordia High School (click here for map) - mezzanine and weight room
    • Registration: Click here (registration is online only).
    • Registration Deadline: The early registration discount deadline is 08/31/17, so register soon to save some dough.

This Week's ConditioningOption 1"Prowler Sprint Test"1. Load up a heavier weight.2. Time a 15 yards sprint at 100% intensity.3. Rest 30 seconds.4. Repeat sprint until times slows down 10%.5. Goal is to increase # of sprints under the time standard.Courtesy of Chad Smith ("Prowler Sprint Test") as well as "Death by Prowler" by Matt Reynolds and Stef Bradford (on Starting Strength).Option 25-10 rounds:50 yd sled push (25 yd down-back)50 yd farmer carry (25 yd down-back)Rest 1 minCompare to 2017.06.12.Option 34 rounds AMReAP of:DB Swings, 55#/35#1-arm DB Hang Power Snatch, 55#/35#BurpeesEach movement is comprised of 45 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest. Thus, for the first round, you'll do the following: DB swings for 45 sec, rest 30 sec, DB snatch for 45 sec, rest 30 sec, burpees for 45 sec, rest for 30 sec. Record reps during your rest period, and your total number of reps is you final score. Use the same weight for the swings and the snatches. For the DB hang power snatch, switch hands every 5 reps.Compare to 2016.08.04.