Monday 2017.02.20

Upcoming events:

  • 2017 Starting Strength Challenge
    • Date: Saturday, 04/01/17
    • Location: Concordia High School (click here for map) - weight room and mezzanine
    • Registration: Click here (registration is online only)
    • Registration Deadline: Registration ends on 03/25/17, but the "early" registration discount ends on 02/28/17, so register soon to save some dough, guarantee a sweet t-shirt, and ensure a spot in Nebraska's first Starting Strength meet!
  • 2017 Testify Barbell MAYhem Weightlifting Meet
    • Date: Saturday, 05/06/17
    • Location: Concordia High School (click here for map) - practice gym
    • Registration: Click here (registration is online only).
    • Registration Deadline: Registration ends on 04/29/17, and those who register by April 22 will receive a Barbell MAYhem t-shirt, so register soon to get that shirt!

Cameron presses as the light of awesomeness shines down upon her #press #startingstrengthchallenge #startingstrength #startingstrengthgym

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This Week’s ConditioningOption 1Tabata Mash-up 2:Strict Pull-upsRest 1 minuteBox Jumps, 30"/24"Rest 1 minuteBurpees"Tabata" refers to 0:20 of work followed by 0:10 of rest, for eight rounds (total of four minutes). Score only your lowest number of reps per exercise. You can start this workout at any station - for instance, if we have 15 people, 5 will start on pull-ups, 5 will start on box jumps, and 5 will start on burpees.Option 2Partner WOD6 x 1 minute of:10 1-arm DB Hang Power SnatchesME BurpeesIn one minute, Partner A will do 10 snatches followed by as many burpees as possible in the remainder of the minute (ME = max effort). At the end of the minute, Partner B will do the same, i.e., 10 snatches followed by ME burpees. Each partner will perform 6 iterations of this (for a total workout time of 12 minutes).Notes:1. Loading for the DB snatches is 25% of your BW.2. Snatches in a given minute are equally split between arms.3. Score = total burpees (per person, not as a partnership).Compare to 2016.02.20.Option 3Sled Pyramid – 4, 5, or 6 tiersGo up and down a 4, 5, or 6 tier “sled pyramid” – rest as needed. The distance for each round is 80 m (a down-back on the 40m course). Rest as needed.For example, Bob does the following (4 tiers):Round 1: Empty sledRound 2: 25#Round 3: 50#Round 4: 75#Round 5: 50#Round 6: 25#Round 7: Empty sledFinaleSpend 5-10 minutes practicing either double-unders, kipping pull-ups, or muscle-ups.