Wednesday 2016.11.23

Get registered for the 2016 Testify Christmas Classic weightlifting meet! The meet will be held at Concordia High School (click here for map) on Saturday, 12/17/2016, and you can register by clicking here (registration is online only).  Registration ends on 12/10/2016, and those who register by Dec. 1st will receive a Christmas Classic t-shirt, so register soon!As a reminder, with Thanksgiving coming up, here are the hours for today and the remainder of this week:Wednesday, 11/23/16:  Regular hoursThursday, 11/24/16:  ClosedFriday, 11/25/16:  7:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.Saturday, 11/26/16:  Regular hoursHave a very happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Erika gets to work with some benching (with Scott spotting) and deadlifting #benchpress #deadlift #startingstrength #startingstrengthgym

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