Week 2018.06.25

Upcoming events:

  • 2nd annual Testify Strongman Summer Showdown
    • Date: Saturday, 06/30/18
    • Location: Testify Strength & Conditioning (that's right - our home turf!)
    • Registration: Click here to register. Register by noon this Friday (06/29/18) so that you don't have to register at the meet on Saturday and shell out some extra dough!
    • Reminder: Due to the TSSS, the gym will be closed on this day (Saturday, 06/30/18), so that is another great reason to sign up and compete or at least come on out and cheer on the strong peeps!
    • Want to help? We are always looking for people to help set-up, run events, and tear-down, so if you'd like to help, please let us know, and thanks!
  • Cornhusker State Games Powerlifting Meet
    • Date: Saturday, 07/21/18
    • Location: Lincoln Northeast High School (click here for map)
    • Registration: Click here for general information as well as the registration link. The price is $45 until 07/06/18, and then it goes up, so register soon!
    • Other information: You will need an AAU membership for this meet, and you must have it at least two days prior to this meet to allow for background checks (click here to get your membership).

This Week's ConditioningOption 1"Prowler Sprint Test"1. Load up a heavier weight.2. Time a 15 yards sprint at 100% intensity.3. Rest 30 seconds.4. Repeat sprint until times slows down 10%.5. Goal is to increase # of sprints under the time standard.Courtesy of Chad Smith ("Prowler Sprint Test") as well as "Death by Prowler" by Matt Reynolds and Stef Bradford (on Starting Strength).Option 210 rounds:25 yd yoke carryRest 1 minuteCompare to 2018.05.14.Option 3Row/Tire 10 min ladder:2 cal row2 tire flips4 cal row4 tire flips6 cal row6 tire flips…Climb the ladder as high as possible in 10 minutes.Compare to 2018.04.23.