Week 2017.05.08

Cameron squats 225 for a triple! #doubleplates #lookatalltheplates #lowbarsquat #journeyofstrength #startingstrength #startingstrengthgym

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This Week’s ConditioningOption 1“Prowler Base+1”1. Load up a manageable weight.2. Sprint 40m at 85% intensity.3. Rest 30 sec.4. Repeat 5-15 times.Courtesy of “Death by Prowler” by Matt Reynolds and Stef Bradford (on Starting Strength).Option 25-10 rounds:50 yd sled push (25 yd down-back)50 yd farmer carry (25 yd down-back)Rest 1 minOption 3For time:Row 1000m25 Push-ups50 Squats25 Push-upsThere is a 12 minute cut-off time, so scale . . . wisely.Compare to 2016.05.05.FinaleSpend 5-10 minutes practicing either double-unders, kipping pull-ups, or muscle-ups.